Who is the Only True God: Holding The Feet of a Unitarian to The Fire

When a Unitarian asks:

“Is there any other true God apart from Jesus’s Christ’s God?”

I replied that there is no other true God apart from the Father – and that this is one of the pinnacles of the doctrine of the Trinity. Our Unitarian friend, who is none other than Oje Giwa-Amu whom I’ve had exchange with on several occasions, was so giddy and flustered due to the fact that he is laboring under the illusion that I’ve made a concession. Lest anyone miss the excitement, he is so quick to label Trinitarians as people who “contradicts and confuse themselves”. Considering the fact that I’ve corrected Oje Giwa-Amu’s underlying presumptions (which he never addressed till date) on several occasions that Trinitarians don’t look at the scriptures with a monistic worldview that taints the eyes of the Unitarians making them fall over themselves when trying to gain insight into what we actually think – which is why they throw themselves up into a fit that we’re confused and contradictory.

I don’t really know of any informed Trinitarian who believes that the Son (or the Holy Spirit) is the true God APART from The Father (the only group of Trinitarians that comes close to this view are those who subscribe to the Social model of Trinitarianism – a model I don’t even hold to)1. I don’t believe that Jesus is a renegade deity (standalone) that exists APART from the Father. That Jesus is a different Person from The Father does not necessarily leads to the conclusion that Jesus is a different God from The Father – unless our Unitarian friend can prove why it is necessary for God to exist as a lone person (hypostasis) – a challenge he is yet to address till date.More