Thursday, April 15, 2021
Taiwo Ademola Refutes Reno on Jesus

Taiwo Ademola refutes Reno Omokri on the Trinity

To the more important of Reno Omokri's assertion, Reno Omokri: "The Trinity has not always existed. For the first 300 years of Christianity, there was...

Daddy Freeze and the Birth of Jesus in the Qur’an

Daddy Freeze a controversial OAP who have been on known for his popular talks on tithe issue and the leader of the Free the...
the son of the blessed

Are You The Son of the Blessed?

<div id="addComment_10216597037786761" class="UFIRow _4oep UFIAddComment UFIAddCommentWithPhotoAttacher _2o9m" data-ft="{"tn":", p. 188 Interestingly, this verse in itself is very problematic for the Muslims, how can they appeal...
gospel of luke

A Contradiction In Luke?

Muslims think that the following Lukan text is in error and even proves that Jesus wasn’t killed: “Nevertheless I must journey on today and tomorrow...

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