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Recording Studio Apartment for Apologetics Contents

seasoned apologist studio

Price: ₦900,000

Sony HXR NX200 Digital Camera

sony hxr nx200 camera

Price: ₦3.1M

(2) Swivel Interview Chairs

Price: ₦200,000

Studio Table

Price: ₦90,000

Panasonic Air Conditioner 1.5 HP

panasonic air conditioner

Price: ₦478,900

Internet Connection (1 Year)

internet connection

Price: ₦150,000




Al-Mushaf Al-Sharif Attributed to Uthman Bin Affan 


This is a scholarly study of a copy of the Holy Quran which is located in Cairo and attributed to the time of Caliph Othman. Among the copies dating from that period, this one is known as the “Cairo Mushaf ”.

 Price: $400


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