Do the Old Testament Prophets Pray Like Muslims?

In his recent debate with Dr. James White on the topic “Who Resembles Jesus; Muslims or Christians?” Adnan Rashid made a claim that the Islamic prayer mode which is bowing down was the practice of the prophets and that of the patriarchs in the Bible including Jesus. This argument is not new, many Muslims have claim that the Muslim mode of prayer is in the Bible and they quote Bible references to support this claim.

This claim of Adnan is false for obvious reasons. The Prophets in the Bible did indeed fell on their faces to the ground when either praying or worshiping, but that wasn’t the only form they assumed when engaging in this act, and in this article, we shall show forth an evidence for that.

I will also show that Jesus and his disciples did contrary to the claim of Adnan Rashid as well, but before doing that, let us take a look at the verses cited by Adnan for this claim; More