Did Nabeel Qureshi Mocked Ahmed Deedat about his Death?

Ever since the day Nabeel have been diagnosed with stomach cancer, there have been comments from some Muslims that this is a divine punishment on him for his mockery on the late Ahmed Deedat, this line of thought was adapted by most Muslims I know, especially on facebook, both the ones who knew who Nabeel was and the one who never cared to get details on his personality except that he was an apostate.

This line of attack became so popularly used as such that most Muslims when asked for the evidence for this started sharing links (I am actually fascinated that most who shared these links have never read the content), while some on the other hand merely heard it from their friends and without verifying started repeating the same. But, what is the root of this misinformation? where do people get the idea that Nabeel Qureshi actually mocked Ahmed Deedat?More