Let The Study Quran Speak! Pt. 1


In this series we will be quoting from a monumental work (in fact the first of its kind in the English language) produced by a team of credentialed and bonafide Muslim scholars from various academic backgrounds. In 2015 HarperOne published The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary, the first major English Quran commentary, whose editor-in-chief happens to be the renowned Muslim philosopher and Sufi scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr. 

What makes this study Quran so fascinating is that the contributors make candid admissions concerning the meaning and purpose of specific texts, especially as they relate to the Quranic view of other religions such as Christianity, that are quite damaging for the Muslim polemicists who seek to use such verses to support their claims and objections. Suffice it to say, the assertions made by these Muslim scholars in some of the notes actually end up refuting they very arguments that are typically used by many a Muslim debater and/or daiee(e.g., one who calls people to Islam) to convince Christians to accept Muhammad as a prophet of the one true God of Abraham.

As such, this study Quran is a must have for any Christian evangelist and/or apologist who seeks to share the Gospel with Muslims, since this is a resource that shall prove to be a great tool and weapon against the Muslim assault and distortion of the Christian faith. The commentary will also help refute the distortion and misinterpretation of the very Quranic texts that Muslim apologists often cite to convince Christians and others that their respective scripture denies core, essential Christian doctrines such as the Trinity.

With that said we are ready to begin our series by posting what the notes to this study have to say regarding the Quranic understanding of the Trinity and divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. All bold and/or capital emphasis will be ours. More