THE GOSPELS: Are there Good Enough Reasons to trust the Testimonies of the Unlettered? 1

The idea that the disciples of Jesus didn’t have good record keeping abilities or skills, due to having no education could well have been gleaned from their encounter with the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem while they were proclaiming Jesus’s resurrection.

A passage that comes to mind is Act 4:13:

When [the religious leaders] saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished”.

It’s for this reason lots of skeptics likely took issues with the idea that Jesus’s disciples could’ve written the gospels (with the exception of Lukan gospel record) or the epistles attributed to them. How would “uneducated’ and “unlearned’ men have written such records, one which is next to masterpieces, they say.

But, the word “agrammatoi’ as used in the text have limited usage in the context. For instance, “grammata’ was used in John 7:15 for letters, which though Jesus wasn’t learned in, yet was able to so eloquently and coherently handle. The passage spake nothing of course about education of having basic oral grasp of “the law and the prophets’ or been able to record, write or even read(been/being prerequisite for basic literacy). The disciples of Jesus were thought of as been illiterate in the sense of their limited religious knowledge and handling/interpreting of the Jewish text. It’d be an exaggeration to think they were after all stack illiterate given the status of some of the disciples. More