Revisiting the Age of Aisha Pt. 3

We continue from where we previously left off.

A Role Model for All Times

Even though Brown appeals to cultural norms to justify Muhammad’s marriage to a premature minor, he forgets to mention that fact that his prophet is supposed to be a role model for all peoples at all times. Therefore, why would Muhammad not only condone, but actually engage, in such a cultural practice seeing that he is supposed to be a mercy for mankind?

And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). S. 21:107 Hilali-Khan

Therefore, wouldn’t it have been more merciful for Brown’s moral and spiritual example to have abolished this practice of marrying and having sex with emotionally and physically immature females? Why then enshrine and engage in such a vile practice that leaves girls traumatized sexually, emotionally and physiologically?

Abolishing A Loving and Compassionate Institution

After all, didn’t Muhammad abolish adoption, which benefits both orphans and couples who cannot have children of their own?

Why then abolish such a humane practice, which brings great emotional healing and love to so many human lives, while sanctioning the sexual abuse of minors?

This becomes all the more troubling when we read the reason the Islamic sources give for Brown’s prophet getting rid of adoption. According to Muslim tradition, Q. 33:4-5 and 40 were “revealed” in response to the unbelievers mocking Muhammad for taking his adopted son’s wife in marriage: More