Debunking A Muslim’s Case Against YHWH (1)


In this article, we are to examine the case a Muslim brought against Yahweh. According to this Muslim, Yahweh is the Hebrew god Yahweh, whose biblical theonym is… identical to the ancient pre-Israelite Canaanite deity El, a bloodthirsty and warlike god whose cult demanded the holocaust of firstborn males. Not only does this Muslim go to unreasonable length to prove his accusation, he also successfully crossed rivers and climbed mountains in order to display the folly of his beliefs as a Muslim. While we sit back and give him a round of applause for such an enthralling display, we should as well, out of love for him, bring him to a corner and chide him, telling him that he should put his mouth to where his heart is.

The article titled “My case against Yahweh” by Funsho Animashaun is probably a reaction (far be it from us that we should call it a rebuttal) against the book, “My case against Allah” written by our fellow brother in Christ, Evangelist Isang Udo Akagha who had been on the war front in apologetics for years. And if my guess turns out to be true, then we have to start by reiterating the bad arguments used by Muslim taqquiyists. Rather than go on the defensive, he went on the offensive. I must also add that this particular writer has a great appetite for inconsistencies and there is not even a slight indication in his write-up that he is worried about attacking his beloved prophet. More