Glossary of NTTC Jargon 2018 by James Snapp Jr.

The field of the New Testament Criticism is such a technical one, one of the major reasons why most Christians are not willing to bother their head round it. For some years, this has been a subject of Scholarly discuss, and mostly alien to the lay men, but things are fast changing, NT Textual Criticism is now becoming a marketplace, school edifice and coffee shop discussion, it is no longer for the academia.

Have you been wondering what some terms meant when you pick up a book on this subject, or when a speaker in a symposium, dialogue and debates throw them out during his presentation?

Do you have a desire to get started in the field of Textual Criticism and wondered where you need to get started? Are you already involved by reading up some materials but couldn’t wrap your head round these complicated words and terms you might not have heard in a such sermon before?

Well, here is a good new, James E. Snapp Jr, who is very well versed in the field has put together in a very simple and easy-to-understand form, a glossary of the technical terms you might be coming across in your journey to the world of NT Textual Criticism.

You can have access to the pdf material here Glossary of NTTC Jargon 2018, and once you are done reading these list, most of the strange and complicated terms will make a lot of sense to you. Do you desire to learn more about some of the probing issues on the NTTC (New Testament Textual Criticism)? You will definitely find James Snapp Jr’s blog very insightful and helpful.

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