Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Christian Reply to the 10 “Logical” Questions Asked by a Polemicist.

Taking a look at the "Almighty" Questions that Christians could not answer The ‘professional logicians’ are here again with their bags of nuts that Christians...

Quranic Variant that Changes the Meaning – Hafs and Warsh

One of the claims of the Muslim for the perfect preservation of the Qur'an is that, since its revelation and down to the compilation,...

A Polemicist Turned Down My Request

Isn't it for his own good? Lucas finally decided to respond to my rebuttal to his article about wine and sex in the Christian paradise....
New Zealand mosque attack suspect

New Zealand Terrorist Attack – My Thoughts

In the wake of the New Zealand terrorist act, I have seen a couple of things in display, and I decided to share my...

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