The Qur’an Gateway is Live!

After much work and anticipation from the global audience, the Qur'an Gateway is finally live! The Qur'an Gateway is powerful tool for the critical study...
David Wood stops making vidoes on youtube

David Wood Stops Making Videos, Intends to Start Publishing Books

It came as surprise to many Christians who have been following David Wood of Act17Apologetics  on Youtube for a while when David makes a...
Credo Courses

Credo Courses Audio Christmas Offer

One of the things the Bible encourages us to do as Christians is to study to show ourselves approved, and also be ready to...
criticizing muhammad is not free speech

Muhammad, Free Speech and the European Court of Human Right.

Just recently, a EUROPEAN court has ruled insulting religion is a criminal offence after a woman who is identified as called Mrs S, called...

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