And the Attacks on Nabeel Qureshi Continues

It is no news that some Muslims have been attacking Nabeel Qureshi before and during his ailment, many videos have been made about him, articles written and all sort of information flying over the internet space over about this young man, now, you would expect that this should end immediately after his death, well, not really.

During the memorial service, Prof. James Tour talked about how has mentored Nabeel Qureshi when he was alive, surprisingly, a Muslim Youtuber who goes by the name MuslimbyChoice  whose major videos uploads have been of Christians, either misrepresenting them or chopping up some part of it to says what it does not say actually uploaded a video completely misrepresenting what the professor said and titled his video in such a fashion to suggest that Nabeel Qureshi was skeptical about the Bible! More