Bart Ehrman is Only Human!

Bart Erhman has become the go-to person for most skeptics and Muslims who are looking for what they think is a reliable source of information on the corruption of the New Testament to engage the Christians with, quotes from his book are used in debating and engaging Christians on this subject.

However, Bart Erhman recently made a post that the author of the Gospel of Mark almost certainly was not a Jew, a post he has eventually deleted from this blog, offering an apology for his mistaken and erroneous claim. Deane Galbraith did a good job in pointing out the reason why this was erroneous in his blog post which you can read here

Here is what Bart said on his blog in his apology to his readers;

In response to my post yesterday about whether the author of Mark was a Jew, in which I said no Jew would make the claim that Mark does, in chapter 7, that “all Jews” washed their hands before eating — a claim that is simply not true — a couple of astute blog members have pointed out  that there is another text, certainly written by a Jew, the Letter of Aristeas (about the how the Septuagint — that is, the Greek translation of the Old Testament — came into being), from the first century BCE or earlier, says something very similar about “all Jews” washing their hands.  Hmm….   I’ve only read the Letter of Aristeas about 75 times.  You’d think I would have noticed that.  But alas.

So, for the first time in recorded history, I’m going to cover and atone for my abject shame by removing the post.  Ugh.  Many apologies for the false information, the fake news, and the alternative facts.

What is most interesting about this is what makes the headline of Bart’s new post about his claim, which he retracts when apologizing to his reader, the headline read something like  ‘Don’t Trust What You Read!’ This is exactly how Ehrman worded the heading of his apology to his readers, is that not interesting indeed? More