New Zealand Terrorist Attack – My Thoughts

In the wake of the New Zealand terrorist act, I have seen a couple of things in display, and I decided to share my thought here.

First off, let me make it CLEAR that I condemn this act, this person is indeed a terrorist and does not have any justification whatsoever to have killed these precious souls. This is unacceptable and no one is his right mind would be happy with such.

With that said, let me share my observations. I decided to break them down in bits. I will be addressing three (3) groups of people in this article, they are as follows;

– The Angry Muslims

– The Muslim Apologist

– The Hateful Christians

1. Angry Muslims.

The 45 people killed were Muslims and this heinous act was done in the Mosque. Naturally, Muslims are angry about this (and they should rightfully be), no one would be happy when his brother is being slaughtered like this, it is a painful experience. More