New Zealand Terrorist Attack – My Thoughts

New Zealand mosque attack suspect

In the wake of the New Zealand terrorist act, I have seen a couple of things in display, and I decided to share my thought here.

First off, let me make it CLEAR that I condemn this act, this person is indeed a terrorist and does not have any justification whatsoever to have killed these precious souls. This is unacceptable and no one is his right mind would be happy with such.

With that said, let me share my observations. I decided to break them down in bits. I will be addressing three (3) groups of people in this article, they are as follows;

– The Angry Muslims

– The Muslim Apologist

– The Hateful Christians

1. Angry Muslims.

The 45 people killed were Muslims and this heinous act was done in the Mosque. Naturally, Muslims are angry about this (and they should rightfully be), no one would be happy when his brother is being slaughtered like this, it is a painful experience.

However, the anger has gone beyond the person who initiated this act and had extended to the Christians in general, this is what I called a “transfer of anger”. Most Muslims are now angry with both Christians and Christianity in general, and you can see this in their postings all over the Social Media.

Now, alot of them are now playing the “blaming game”

You must seen statement likes these all over the net;

“Why is the media not reporting this”

“they are now re-defining what terrorism is”

“Why can they call him a Christian, instead of a gunman”

And it goes on and on, you see, the problem with this ideology is that it seeks to have sympathy and compassion and also accrue a false pity. I am not saying all Muslims do this, but majority does and they did it for a reason, to attack Christianity.

Have you noticed those who especially posted on their Facebook timeline that the “media are silent about this?” How can you say the media is silent about this when it is all over the internet, Fb, Twitter, Instagram and on major news outlets like Aljazeera, CNN, BBC etc, yet one can still say the media is saying nothing about it?

Even when the terrorist has not shown any affiliation to Christianity in his action, rather that of a “white supremacy”, yet the Muslims by all means are trying to attach him to Christianity. I have even seen some of them saying these Killings does not stop the spread of Islam, as if the terrorist would have wiped out the whole of Islam through this heinous and devilish act.

What is most alarming is that, those who are not even informed about this whole event are now seen sharing and making unfounded and sympathetic statement that this is a ploy to kill Islam, how ridiculous a thought?

How many reactions have been generated by the same persons when over 45 Catholics were killed just last November? Oh, you weren’t aware of it right? How many of them reacted over the Killings of Christians all over the world, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, even when this killings are reported almost every month? I guess most of them did not hear about that as well.

While I agree that Muslims are right to be angry about this act, it is wrong to associate to Christianity when the terrorist himself had no affiliation or basis for his action from the Christian faith.

2. The Muslim Apologist.

It comes as no surprise to me that Muslims Apologist FB pages had taken advantage of this act and used it in condemning not just the Bible but Christianity as a whole. Think about this, what would their reaction be if this individual was a Jew? Would they have still condemned the Christian faith and blame Christianity for this action?

This is what happen when all you are looking out for is every bit of an excuse to condemn either an organization or an individual. The action of this man has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. What verse did he claim inspired him to do this? Could he claim that his God sent him on this barbaric actions?

Now, I have seen some of these Muslim Apologist who don’t have more than one post in a day are now posting about this news multiple time, was it to condemn the act? No, but as an opportunity to condemn the Christian faith. Consequently, they have drawn the sympathy of many Muslims and tickle them emotionally to respond the very same way as well.

Now, you may ask yourself, why are they doing this?

Here is why.

Because in the media and around the world, most of the heinous act have been traced to Islam. So, in a way to redeem the image of Islam and to also show that Islam is not the only religion that has the terrorist act in it, they had to play the game called “1-1”.

What this means is, since Islam has been affected greatly because of the terrorist act that some part of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the prophet had inspired, Christianity should also be blamed because of the action of a terrorist who does not even has a support for his action in the Bible. Most importantly to push their agenda, they have now coined a new term “Christian Terrorist”, how does this sound in the ear?

They are doing it strategically and it is also a psychological move as well. They are appealing the emotions of the Muslim Ummah and also trying to equate the terrorist act associated with Islam with the Christian faith as well so that no one will be able to condemn Islamic inspired terrorist attacks.

To show how real this is, one Muslim Dawah page posted an image of the terrorist expressing the sign of “White Supremacy” while in the custody, yet put up an headline that he is a Christian Terrorist. While these Muslim Apologist ought to build bridges between, the Christians and Muslims, they are rather tearing it down. And in fact, CNN reported that while Mosques were closing their doors during this incidents for security purpose, Churches are opening up their own doors simultaneously!

Guess what? These Muslim Apologist don’t see any need in reporting on posting that on their pages because it will defeat the whole essence of their hate campaign.

3. The Hateful Christians.

I am making this the last because I want to talk to some individuals who claim to be Christians but does not have the fruit therefore. I have seen some images of some “Christians” celebrating the death of these Muslims and thereby indicating they deserve it. This is not only an act of wickedness, but a christ-less not a christ-like act.

Why should someone who called himself a Christian who ought to pray for the salvation of the Muslims be happy that they are killed and destroyed by one lunatic? How could you have a relationship with the Triune God and still have such hatred in your heart.

If you are a Christian reading this and you have an hatred for the Muslims, you need serious help. How on earth can you hate the creation of God, the masterpiece of his art and still call yourself a Christian. There is no excuse you have that is justified for hating Muslims as a Christian, Jesus who knows better than you do says we should love our enemies and those who hate us, whats the point in loving those that loves you and hating those who hate you?

That’s not Christianity, that’s your own delusional religion.

If you are one of those celebrating this and you think you are a Christian, you need to re-examine yourself at this moment, you are not exhibiting the spirit of the Lord Jesus and not producing a good fruit as well. I need to let you know that this is not the spirit of Christ, and you need to pray to the Father to give you, a loving, gentle and compassion heart for the Muslims, because Jesus died to save them too.

Thanks and God bless.

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