Question For Islamic Tradition on the Feast of Sacrifice- A Response to Online Islamic Apologist

The debate about who among Abraham’s wards he took along for a sacrifice when God asked him to sacrifice his son to him has been one of the most hotly debated issue among Christians and Muslims, and for periods spanning well over a century. Having looked closely at both side of the argument, I consider it important to assess the concern for it is worth, and present a more reliable defense for the best possible coherent account of the two. Put in mind that the essence of such an examination is to ascertain the historical reliability of both the Islamic and Christian source over the event. Essentially, the question of the article would be, who among the two witnesses can we trust its trustworthiness?

More importantly, I have got asked the philosophical question of how rational it is, for the Supremely benevolent God to demand for human sacrifice. Would God have done the same thing, like, demand such sacrifice today? If he wouldn’t, then it is doubt-able that there is consistency on the part of God. More so, such a demand appear bizarre than cool. This sort of question, as difficult as it may appear has relevant answers to it.

I will be dealing with the Islamic narrative viz a viz the biblical story on the one hand, and answering the relevant philosophical question that such a demand by a good and kind God would bring to a skeptical mind. Much as I hope to give constructive answers to these varying questions, it will be far reaching to think of the article as an all encompassing solution to all the raging questions in the human mind about the said event.