Harmonization and the Gospel Accounts

Jim Warner Wallace, a cold-case detective, in his book gave an interesting account of a robbery case:

“Many years ago I investigated a robbery in which a male suspect entered a small grocery store, walked up to the counter, and calmly contacted the cashier. The suspect removed a handgun from his waistband and placed it on the counter. He pointed it at the cashier, using his right hand to hold the gun on the counter, his finger on the trigger. The suspect quietly told the cashier to empty the register of its money and place it in a plastic bag. The cashier complied and gave the robber all the money in the drawer. The robber then calmly walked from the store. This robbery was observed by two witnesses, who were properly separated and interviewed apart from one another. When the crime report was assigned to me as the investigator, I read the officer’s summary and wondered if the witnesses were describing the same robber” (J. Warner Wallace (2013), Cold-Case Christianity. Pg.75)

The first eye-witness Sylvia Ramos, is
(1) 38 year old woman
(2) married with kids
(3) Interior Designer
On that particular day where the robbery took place, she was picking up milk on the way home from work
The second eye-witness Paul Meher, is More