Bart Ehrman, Islam and the Historical Jesus

The study of the Historical Jesus has for some decades generated a lot of interest among Scholars, the adherent of the Islamic faith are particular interested in this studies as well since Jesus is one of the central figure in Islam. The Muslims are willing to hear what the Scholars have to say and adapt which ever part seems to agree or confirm the Islamic belief, and in the end will go like “there you have it” the Qur’an have been echoing this for years!

Among the Scholars Muslims would like to listen to and quote for the defense of Islam and as an attack on the Christian faith is the man, Bart D. Ehrman, the man Muslims love quoting when discussing the critical issues on the Gospels and the Bible as a whole. The reason why the Muslims love to quote Ehrman among other liberal Scholars is obvious, it is always about attacking the Bible, even though Dr. Ehrman does not hold the same view with the Muslims and will not come to the same conclusion with them, they love him anyway.

Recently, Bart posted on his blog, responding to some certain questions he was asked, and one of those happen to be a trend the that has grown for some years among the Muslims, the use of his material as an attack on the Bible. Before responding to the questions, Bart noted how a Muslim had earlier made this comment about how they use his work:

[After pointing out that whoever said I was about ready to convert to Islam was obviously makin’ in up, or influenced by someone else who was makin’ it up, this Muslim reader commented as follows:]  Anyways, that won’t stop us from using your awesome arguments against Christianity. You confirmed like 99% of Islamic belief about Jesus without even resorting to the Quran. That is pretty impressive and no wonder Muslims flock to your blog and FB.