A Polemicist Turned Down My Request

Isn’t it for his own good?

Lucas finally decided to respond to my rebuttal to his article about wine and sex in the Christian paradise. In his “reply”, he contended that I “decided not to answer the questions” – an accusation I find treacherous especially in the light of the fact that he used kindergarten rhetorics to try and manage to evade the brunt of my reply to his ill-informed article.

He started:

According to him, there would be wine, yeah, but no food. Imagine!

Of course! I can’t stop imagining and wondering how he came to that conclusion when I actually said in my article that “Not that we would not be able to eat or drink, yes we shall eat and drink”. My immediate reply to his article can be found here.

His latest ‘reply’ can be found here.

It seems that reading to comprehend the article of one’s opponent is not one of his otherwise “great’ talents.

I am sure he never read or decide to ignore that some of his fellow apologist mock the idea of wine in paradise. Must have to agree when we bring evidences from their Bible.

Then he should have done us a favour by listing some of my “fellow apologists” who mocked the idea of wine in paradise. I am not aware of anyone. Moreover, I’m not interested in what the ‘pastors’ in his backyards and in what the ‘evangelists’ who seem to be on the run to hunt him down with their preaching, has said to him. After all, I have Muslim friends who mistakenly holds to the unorthodox (at least from the perspective Lucas and co.) teachings of Islam.

Concerning the wine in Islamic paradise, the only thing I think the Christian apologists (and some Muslims) ‘muse’ about or ‘mock’ is the legitimacy of wine in the Islamic paradise after Allah had labelled the drink as the handiwork of Satan! (Surah 5:90). Why will the handiwork of Satan be celebrated in the Islamic paradise?

He continued,

He said here on earth, hunger kills but in heaven it won’t yet there would be wine to give thanks and feast. If foods define hunger, can wine represent thirst? Okay, not water, right but a continuous feast of just wine, would it not be better with foods too? Do the angles(sic) take wine in God’s kingdom now?

This is what happens when you leave the Islamic camp and decide to come to the Christian camp posing as a “Bible scholar” just because you managed to cram some verses that you believe are “contradictory, anachronistic and full of errors”. Being a former Christian does not mean that every lewd allegations against the Christians must be valid. There is no big deal. Judas who walked and talked with Jesus Himself for about three years apostatized and the world did come to end because of that but rather he was quickly replaced and his fellow apostles sacrificed their lives to ensure that Gospel touched the four corners of the earth (demonstrating that no one is indispensable as far as the propagation of the Gospel is concerned). More