Shabir Ally, Adnan Rashid and the Crucifixion in the Qur’an.

crucifixion in the Quran

The crucifixion of Jesus in Islam is a controversial issue as there is no single and unanimous interpretation of the verse of the Qur’an that narrates this event.

While Adnan Rashid holds to the fact that Jesus was never killed nor crucified, Shabir Ally on the other hand believes that Jesus was actually crucified, but his death was not brought about through the nailing on the cross, rather was rescued.

Interestingly, the prophet of Islam himself had nothing to say on this confusing issues among Muslims today, and this given birth different theories, assumptions and conflicting conclusions as well.

Watch this video as the two popular Muslim apologist struggle to make their view more authentic in the midst of others. Watch the video below to see how the two Scholars present their views on the crucifixion which is obviously contradictory, the question most Muslims will ask is, which is the most correct view?


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