Are You The Son of the Blessed?

the son of the blessed

In a recent dialogue between Evang Isang Udo-Akagha, the Team Leader of Love A Muslim Ministry and Ustaz Jamiu Adegunwa, the Amir of Risalatul Haq Dawah International on the topic, “Who Is Jesus?” the Muslim speaker argued that Mary, the mother of Jesus was the one referred to as “the Blessed” in Matthew 14:61, here is the text in question;

But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?

This line of argument is not new, I have heard of couple of Muslims alluding to this, though I haven’t seen this being used by serious Muslim Scholars, nonetheless, it is an argument used within the Islamic circles, I pondered on whether to give a rebuttal to this, after giving it a thought, I feel this might be helpful, especially for those Muslims who have not looked into this carefully, so they do not repeat this blunder in the future. Before we begin to analyze the argument itself, we need to understand what the Islamic cleric’ position is, and by extension, the position  of the Muslims who implore this line of argument.

Premise 1: Jesus is the Son of the “Blessed”.
Premise 2: Mary was called “Blessed”
Conclusion: Therefore, Mary is the Blessed referred to in Mark 14:61

Merely looking at this, we discovered there are lots of problems with this line of thinking. One of the things that the Muslims need to understand is, the Bible was written within a context and should be interpreted in the light of such, if and only if this was considered by the Muslims, there is no possible way they could have come to this conclusion in the first place among other obvious reasons.

 Jesus was facing a trial, and we have the religious leader questioning him about his person, something they have always done and attacked him about, Jesus was asked if he was the “Christ”, the Son of the Blessed” and his response was “Yes” please note, Jesus did not only answer that he was the Son of the Blessed, but that he is also the Messiah! This was huge, the High priest recognized the claim of Jesus, but that was not the end, immediately Jesus said that and also made a reference to the book of Daniel 7 about the Son of Man who received worship, the religious leaders accused him of Blasphemy.

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