The 24 Qur’an Campaign

Right from the beginning of this year, we had a plan to purchase and bring in about 24 Arabic readings of the Qur’an and engage our Muslims friends with them. We discovered that most Muslims we engage are not familiar with the textual history of their books, and they ignorantly attack that of the Bible.

Muslims worldwide have been told and re-told that the Qur’an is one, whatever that means, they have been told that it is not like the Bible that has been edited, and changed over time, in fact, the most common word they used is the term corrupted.

In the light of this claim, we are planning on bringing in 24 arabic readings of the Qur’an so we can show these to the Muslims and hear from them how the Qur’an has been perfectly preserved. Some Muslim Apologist allege that the readings are nothing new and that they go back to the prophet of Islam, they even go as far as claiming that the readings does not change the meaning of the text, instead compliment it and that the Qur’an has not changed even to the dot or letter.

We need your support so we can make this a reality, you can support us in two ways:

  • You can send us any of the Qur’an if you have access to them online, you can send us a mail on the shipping address that this will be sent to.
  • You can support us financially so we get to buy them as well, any of the gestures will be truly appreciated.

Please find below, the short video made for this purpose.

Here are the links to the two websites where these Qur’ans can be purchased, if you do like to get them and send to us, please do mail us for shipping address.

You can get in touch with us through our email:


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  1. God will use this campaign to open their minds and spirit in Jesus name I pray keep it up bros .I pray for God’s protection during and after this programme.

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