Paul Williams: “I Left Islam”

Paul Williams, the creator of the Muslim Dawah site Blogging Theology and a regular speaker at the speaker’s corner seems to be making a decision to leaving Islam.

In his own words on his twitter handle, this is what he has to say;

And finally this..


1 thought on “Paul Williams: “I Left Islam””

  1. My name is Sharon and I am a Christian from Australia. I cannot believe that you were a so called born again Christian. I tell you if you were a true Christian not a catholic or Mormon or johovahs witness or any other false christians, you would never change to another religion especially Islam. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, after you are saved he gives you the truth and keeps you on the right path until you are glorified. You are so brainwashed and you supposed to be this so called learned person, there was no such thing as a Muslim or Islam a long time ago just read about what Jay Smith has found but I suppose you know more than him, I wonder if you ever debated with him because I assure you he knows more about Islam than you do. One day hopefully God will open your eyes and ears before it’s too late. You haven’t got any idea what the bible is all about. I tell you that Jesus came the first time to save but the next time he comes he will destroy all the ungodly and evil people, just in case you didn’t know. Read the BIBLE and listen to the likes of Pastor John MacArthur and you will find out more about the bible. God bless you in Jesus name

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