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Credo Courses

One of the things the Bible encourages us to do as Christians is to study to show ourselves approved, and also be ready to give an answer for the reason of the hope of our faith, sadly, alot of Christians are failing in this aspect, some dont even know what they believe,  how then can they give a defense for such?

There are lots of theological seminary out there, and most are very expensive, aside that , most people do not have the time to dedicate for this exercise as well, that are just two apart from the myriad of challenges Christians are faced with when making decisions educate themselves on their theology. The good new is, Credo Course had come in as a solution to this problem.

Credo Courses, an Online Christian education site that offers courses on various theological topics and areas of study. Credo Courses have been able to bring some of the finest mind in the area of Christian theology to teach these course through the instrumentality of videos, this has been of help to alot of Christians as most of the course are university level base.

Imagine studying the life of the History Jesus with Darrel L. Block, or the New Testament Textual Criticism with s Scholar like Dan Wallace. How about taking a course on the New Testament Reliability as taught by Craig Blomberg or an introduction to Apologetic by Douglas Groothuis? The list goes on, this is indeed a solution that has helped lots of Christians in their theological journey.

The good news is, the folks at Credo Courses are offering all their audios courses for FREE as a Christmas gift to everyone, can you beat that? So you have no excuse not to equip yourself about your faith and grow in knowledge thereby, this is a rare opportunity and a hard one to come by.

To take advantage of these course, click here to have access to them, you might want to consider supporting them as well.

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