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Seasoned Apologist YouTube Channel was created for one purpose, teach the Christians to understand and defend their faith and also equip them to reach out to the Muslims as well. (I Peter 3:15)

We have a website dedicated for this as well, www.seasonedapologist.com where we write articles, rebuttals and also post update on events related to Apologetics.

One of the things we do and do very well on this channel is to make videos (full debates, rebuttals and even short videos) available to our brethren, especially when alot are not aware of them. We source for the videos and bring them to you, something that could be time consuming and tasking as well.

We also take time to listen to full hours of videos and then make reference to some interesting part which some viewers might not have noticed or took for granted.

All of this takes time, energy and funds. We are planning on having an Apologetics program soon where we invite and interview Apologist in different subjects for edification and understanding, the setup for this also require some funding. We do be glad if you can support us in any way you can for us to get this achieved. We want to do more and reach more people as well.

You can help us achieve this by being a Patreon supporter, how many would like to support us on this?


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