How the Qur’an Disqualify Muhammad as the Comforter Jesus Promised.

The topic of the Comforter that Jesus promised is not new within the Christian Muslim communities, in fact, for those involved in dialogue and apologetics within the two faith, namely Christianity and Islam, the topic of the Comforter is an aged one.

However, my observation over the period of time is, whenever this topic is being discussed, neither the Christian nor the Muslim speaker usually make reference to the Qur’an as to show why Muhammad was not the Comforter, could this be because the comforter was promised in the Bible alongside his characteristics as well?

So, I keep asking myself, is the Qur’an really silent on this subject, and what I discovered was contrary to my long held believe. The Qur’an actually has something to say about this, and we shall examine this in this article.

Before we take a look at the stand of the Qur’an on this matter, some Muslims in the academic circle have recognized how it is painfully obvious that Muhammad cannot be referred to as the comforter Jesus promised.More