Muslim Dawah Preachers and the Confusion on Qur’an 4:157

In his recent debate with Dr. James White, Zakir Hussein assert that the substitutionary theory which is the belief that someone was crucified in the place of Christ was supported by the Bible, and that this person happens to be Simon of Cyrene.

However, in this video you will clearly see how Quran 4:157 is not only problematic to the Muslims in the 21st century but was also the same for the companions of Muhammad which resulted into various theories and assertions.

This video features the opinion of Zakir Hussain who believes in the substitutionary theory, Adnan Rashid who believes Jesus was NOT crucified and that no one was crucified in his place, and that of Yasir Qadhir who holds that Judas was the one crucified and finally Shabir Ally who submitted Jesus was indeed CRUCIFIED but did not die through the process!

If this is not confusion, what else do we call it?

Watch the video here.

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