FREE Webinar: Teaching Christianity to Understand Islam

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Christianity is a major subject within the Qur’an with more space and details devoted to it than the Pillars of Islam. Through this, the Qur’an prepares Muslims to engage with Christians and reject every aspect of the gospel. Muslims learn about Christianity from the Qur’an. The situation is the opposite for Christians. Islam is never mentioned in the Bible and learning about Islam is completely optional for Christians. This generally leads to a situation where the Muslim is more prepared to speak to the Christian than the Christian is prepared to speak to the Muslim.

So how do we teach Christians about Islam? Giving lots of details about Muhammad and the Qur’an can be easily forgotten by most Christians. What we need to do is work out how to teach Christianity so that Christians can understand Islam. Doing this allows all Christians to understand Islam without having to remember all the details from Islamic literature, and to understand how the Bible speaks directly to Islam.

Rev. Samuel Green will be teaching on this particular subject in a FREE webinar organized by the Melbourne School of Theology on the 4th of November 2021.

In order to register to this FREE event, click on this link to get started..

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